How our auction works

  • Create an Account

    The fist thing you should do when on the website is create a account under REGISTER. From then on you will be able to access you account through the LOGIN page.

  • Start Bidding

    Once you have a account, browse though the auction and fall in love with our extensive variety of artworks and items. By clicking on the auction item you will be able to see the bidding price and place your own bid. Make sure to check back in to stay the winning bid until the auction closes!

  • Live auction Bidding

    Differing from the silent Auction, the Live Auction will close its online bidding early. On the 21st on July the Live Auction online will close at 6:30pm. It will then continue at our Live Event. This can be watched on out Live Event page and online bid can be made by calling the phone numbers mentioned on said pages description.

    Congratulations! You won the auction!

    Yay, the time has come and you have won your auction item of your dreams! You out bid the competition and received the email conformation telling you that you have won.

    Come to the Gallery

    We are so excited to see your smiling face after winning the auction. Make your way down to the Vernon Public Art Gallery at 3228 31 Ave, Vernon, BC.

    Time to Pay

    Once down at the gallery, our friendly staff will process the final bidding price for the auction. This can be done in cash, credit card, or cheque.

    Bring your auction item home

    Finishing the transaction, our staff will pass along your beautiful auction item for you to add into you life top enjoy.